DTP / CTP Studio

The DTP/CTP studio is an integral part of our company. State-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled employees guarantee professional customer support and comprehensive printing services.

Sheet-fed printing

Top quality high-volume printing in various sizes ranging from leaflets to posters. Now even more efficient and cost-effective at TINTA.

Web offset printing

Web-fed printing is a technology ideal for large runs at relatively low prices.


We can customise products to suit your individual needs. Our broad range of printing machines and the knowledge of different technologies enable us to apply finishing processes which will make your printing items exceptional.


Precise finishing is crucial because every detail matters. We provide post-printing binding services, insert and pack each product in line with our your requirements.


We deliver all products in time- both in Poland and abroad, sometimes to thousands of destinations at the same time. In exceptional circumstances we can store your printed matter short term in our warehouse.