In order to ensure originality, TINTA offers non-standard finishes which will make our products truly exceptional. Print finishing is used to

  • make the print item visually appealing,
  • improve its tensile strength,
  • increase its abrasion resistance,
  • enhance its robustness to environmental factors, e.g. light, humidity, water or oxidation.

Our team of dedicated consultants will help you make the right choice.


Spot varnishing, also known as selective varnishing, is a way of enhancing sections of a printed area by applying a glossy varnish. At TINTA we know how to achieve the desired effect. Whether the varnish covers the whole item or parts of it, for a visual and textural contrast between rough, smooth and shiny surfaces, the end result will always be stylish and eye-catching.


Hot stamping, also known as foil printing, is a process whereby metallic foil is applied to the surface of the paper at high temperatures. When done properly, it can produce stunning visual effects. The most popular hot stamping foils include silver and gold but TINTA offers many other options which will add a luxury look to your print item. Thanks to our high-end machinery, the application of different foils in a single run and our experience of using 3D plates, every printing project provides a golden opportunity.


Embossing is a subtle haptic finishing option. Our capabilities in this field know no bounds. We can create the most intricate patterns without compromising on the all-important precision. Embossing has numerous applications-from a company logo on headed paper to complex packaging-often in combination with foil stamping.


Die-cutting is used to cut out a shape or a pattern in the printed item using a steel cutting die. It can be used to cut irregular shapes. A variety of available options as well as cooperation with the best suppliers mean that most technical jobs can be done at one go. This saves time and money.