A new line for spiral binding

14 October 2021

We have our ear to the ground and follow the latest trends in the printing industry. In order to keep up with customer needs, we invest in leading-edge equipment. Recently, we have purchased a semi-automatic ring wire binding line. It is a fast, multi-functional machine, which allows for punching, coil inserting (optionally with a calendar hanger) and crimping in a single run. This is a highly economical solution, which significantly reduces labour costs and shortens production times.

The machine has the following advantages:

  • automatic book block splitting,
  • inline punching and crimping,
  • nail hole perforation,
  • binding perforation with or without half-moon calendar hanger cutout using a single perforating tool,
  • feeder for pre-formed calendar hangers (hanger length: 100-300 mm),
  • possible wire diameters: 1/4”-3/4”,
  • max. working width: 580 mm,
  • max. punching width: 15 mm,
  • high efficiency of up to 1,500 cycles per hour.